After Sales Service

1.Commitment1:Special Project
Quanlee Overseas Warehouse will arrange a dedicated project service which is carried out by one
Project department to make sure that one service team can only be responsible for one project.

2.Commitment2:Quality and Quantity
Quanlee Overseas Warehouse has a strict quality management system.All production companies or distributors entering the oversea warehouse system have to undergo strict quality review.
At the same time. Overseas not only represent the image of the Quanlee company , but also represent the image of Chinese Mechanical and Electrical Products Africa Service Center and Shandong Province Auto Parts Chamber of Commerce.

3.Commitment3:Price Justice
Product and service quotes are traceable and transparent.The supplier’s cost/operating cost will be released to the customer.
Quanlee overseas warehouse follows the principle of “Fail Price and Service First”



4.Commitment4:Acceptance of Supervision
Quanlee Overseas Warehouse is an integrated service provider,equipped with the customer-oriented service concept. The service team unconditionally accepts customer’s supervision.If there are any service irregularities or product quality problems,
Shandong Auto Parts Association:0531-85898736
Quanlee Overseas Warehouse General Office

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