Chairman Mr.Zhouliping meet with Consul General, Embassy of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Shanghai, PRC and other Nigerian VIPS in QuanLee Heavy Truck Parts Mall

On October 24,Mr.Zhouliping who is the President of shandong auto parts chamber of commerce,Chairman of Shandong QuanLee Overseas Warehouse Information Technology Co.,Ltd  and Chairman of Shandong QuanLee Real Estate Co.,Ltd met with his excellency Amb. Anderson Madubike,Consul General, Embassy of Federal Republic of Nigeria in Shanghai, PRC,Mrs Ndukwe Eugenia Chinenye,CEO of Nigerian XEM CONSULTANS Ltd and Mr.Engr.Chinedu Onu,CEO of Nigerian INGRACE MULTIPLE CONCEPTS Ltd. Mr . Zhou showed his hospitality to the Nigerian guests and gave them a warm welcome.



The two CEO of Nigerian companies and his excellency consul general not only visited QuanLee Overseas Warehouse Jinan headquarters office and thousands of auto parts enterprises in the heavy truck parts mall but also intended to carry out cooperation with QuanLee Overseas Warehouse Nigerian branch. QuanLee Overseas Warehouse is reputable among local Nigerian enterprises which is undoubtedly the best affirmation of QuanLee Overseas Warehouse’s determination to explore Nigerian market and the continuous development and growth of overseas business in the past year and a half.


During the friendly meetings,Mr.Engr. Chinedu Onu says that it’s meaningful to visit Jinan,China to have this investigation to QuanLee Overseas Warehouse. QuanLee is a Chinese company with strength, ideas and vitality and its auto parts mall +overseas warehouse model contributes to the sustainable development of overseas warehouses in Africa.There will be more and more Nigerian entrepreneurs thinking about how to achieve strategic cooperation intention with QuanLee Overseas Warehouse.



At present, QuanLee has realized the operation of double warehouses in Lagos and Abuja of Nigeria, with the total area of overseas warehouses reaching more than 5,000 square meters. In the future, QuanLee will also complete the layout construction of more than 8 warehouses or sales offices nationwide in Nigeria.At present, QuanLee overseas warehouse sends two batches of goods worth about 5 million yuan to the Nigerian warehouse every month, with an average annual shipment of over 50 million yuan.The regular inventory of Nigeria overseas warehouse exceeds 30 million RMB. It is estimated that QuanLee overseas warehouse will achieve an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan by 2020. With global business opportunities and “The Belt and Road” strategic layout, QuanLee will bring huge impetus and new vision to Chinese industrial products enterprises.


Post time: Oct-29-2019
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